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Honey and Maple Syrup are natural foods and Miel Labonté Inc. (MLI) aims to deliver its products so that it reaches the market place in a condition as close as possible to its natural state. Consistent high quality is assured by frequent testing performed at various stages of the preparation and packing operation to ensure consistency and purity. MLI can discuss any individual requirements importers may have with regards to the preparation of products for export.

MLI's QA Department is responsible for controlling the quality of the products purchased, processed and sold at MLI. The primary function of the Department is to ensure that our customer's specifications and expectations are consistently met. This is accomplished by a range of competent staff working with an extensive Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Food Safety Management System, which addresses all risks in the manufacturing process.

Our quality systems have been harmonized to deliver world's best practice in processing, packing, hygiene, waste management, warehousing and distribution functions whilst ensuring the company's quality driven procedures and policies are upheld at all operational sites.

Adherence to theses programs is guaranteed by third party audit and certification, which is assures our customers enjoy only the best 100% natural honey and maple syrup.

Working with Labonte puts at your disposal a quality assured product backed by certificates of origin and analytical test results, if required.

HACCP Garantie Bio Eco Cert SQF Certified
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